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Contract Manufacturing

BA Mfg. Co. is the number one source for contract manufacturing of precision metal stampings that is trusted by companies across a broad range of industries. We solve your outsourcing and vendor reduction issues because we understand what it takes to manufacture precision metal stampings that meet quality, delivery and price standards so that you don't lose control of your production schedule.

Our contract manufacturing services offer conglomation/ amalgation of extensive machinery at your disposal. In-house production capabilities such as tools/dies making machines, power presses upto 200 tons, hydraulic presses for deep draw parts, welding machines, bending machines, cnc turning machines for small / large components and assemblies as well as secondary operations including welding, tapping, countersinking, insertion of stand-offs, nuts, spacers, clips, springs and bench assembly. In Addition to in-house machines, we are also collaborated with certain similar plants to achieve higher output in less time, under our supervision. We are not only limited to low volumes, we cater to production of med/high volume products. From high speed fine blanking to complete progressive tooling, we offer you all in one solution, from tool designing, development to, manufacturing, supplying components as well as support for projects setups at tour premises.

We accept CAD (2D / 3D) files in all formats to improve the timeliness and accuracy of the manufacturing process. BA Mfg. Co. also offers advanced skills that our competitors can't match as well as time-tested and long-standing relationships with suppliers to provide high-quality finishing requirements. We offer full-service contract manufacturing that will be able to meet all your metal forming needs. For complete part assemblies, hardware installation, special packaging, as well as unique finishing requirements, the best choice is to work with a fabricator who has the experience and the skill to handle any project. WE have what it takes to deliver the highest quality metal stampings and fabrications in all the industry, and we consistently exceed our customer's expectations.

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BA Mfg. Co. is a professional Sheet Metal Small & Medium Pressed Components manufacturing company actively engaged in the manufacturing of Press tools, Aluminum Casting Dies, Gasket Cutting Dies & processing sheet metal components for Automobile industry, Construction industry,
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